about sykosa

Sykosa is a “book smart” girl who never had to deal with real life until real life happened to her. When her best friend, Niko, gets into a prolonged competition with rival, Donna Harly, for control of their high school, Sykosa’s life changes permanently in a matter of seconds. It was an event that involved a boy Sykosa had just met, Tom. This event took place during Sykosa’s sophomore year.

A year later, Sykosa struggles to reclaim her identity, finding that she continually relives the event, and occasionally succumbs to panic attacks. Her guilt has also manifested itself in a powerful love for Tom, her new boyfriend.

Her favorite features of Tom’s are his blue eyes and his long blond hair.

Sykosa is the story’s main character and the lens through which almost all elements of the story are seen. She can occasionally have a powerful influence over the narrator. Sykosa has a lot of potential, but to the dismay of her parents and teachers, about her only real interest is making new memories with her friends.

She is probably two months from realizing that she’s addicted to nicotine and cannot quit smoking.

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